The great story of Legends Snooker Academy

Straight away, Ziya invested a lot of time, money and hard work into making the club look more Modern and welcoming, as well as upgrading all the facilities to make for an overall better experience for the customers. As the club started taking shape, young Peter Devlin joined, and began to practice from there. Very soon after, thanks to the great professional style snooker conditions, Peter captured the English Under 21 Championship and since then, has gone on to achieve a lot more. Seeing the success, Ziya was inspired to go on and explore the route of a snooker academy. Once the idea was built, Ziya wasted no time evolving from a Snooker Club into a Snooker Academy. Professional Style Star Snooker Tables were brought in, with new cloths, and superb lighting and table heating.
These premier conditions very quickly attracted interest from some of Snooker’s biggest names, Ronnie O’Sullivan and Liang Wenbo. After experiencing these conditions themselves, Ronnie and Liang both decided to base themselves here at Legends, with Liang coming in regularly to practice. A very short while later, and Liang had captured his first ever ranking title! From then on, Legends has been growing and growing. More professional players such as Itaro Santos and Hammad Miah have now based themselves here, and there are plenty more who are in talks to move here in the near future. There are plans to bring in more Star tables, therefore facilitating more professional players. But at the same time, there are still superb facilities for normal club players to play snooker, pool or darts. Or watch live sports, have a drink and relax. At Legends, we keep working hard to become the Best Snooker Club in the UK!